From its founding in 1895 chiropractic care was based on a sound scientific premise. Our nervous system controls and coordinated every function of our body, NO EXCEPTIONS. The brain as the master computer communicates with the body via the spinal cord and the complex system of nerves that come off of it. The ability of that communication is compromised when vertebral subluxations (misalignment of the vertebra) occur in the spine and interfere with the normal healthy ability of the nerves to carry the messages to or from the brain. When that occurs you have a decreased function, dis-ease, of the organ(s) that the nerve goes to. It is really that simple!

Years ago the vertebral subluxation was thought of as the old “bone out of place” model. Through research we now understand that to not be at all accurate. More accurately the subluxation is a process and due to neuroplasticity your nervous system is adapting all the time, sometimes more effectively than other times!

Our job, as chiropractors, is to insure the nervous system and this communication process is working as best as it can through the adjustment to correct vertebral subluxations. That is the beauty and simplicity of chiropractic. We don’t treat diseases or ailments, we aid your body’s own innate ability to heal itself. The irony is that our “pill for every illness” world and subspecialties with specialties, conventional medicine has created an very reductionistic view of health and has no appreciation for your body’s ability to heal itself.