The Importance of Family

For the past 35 years, we’ve been helping patients and families just like yourself get back to living the life they love, free of pain, injury and nervous system interference.

After graduating from New York Chiropractic College in 1981, Dr. Younis immediately joined a practice in New Jersey where he spent two years. It was during that time that he met his wife and would be married! After living in New Jersey for four years they moved to Illinois to be closer to his wife’s family.

He recalls scouting out Chicago was a daunting task, but ultimately with his wife’s prompting they knew that the Barrington- Lake Zurich area would where they would lay down roots and start a family. Their original location was just up the road at the intersection of Rts. 22 & 12, where they opened their practice in 1986, settle in Lake Zurich and start a family!

Experience the Difference between Real Health and Chasing Symptoms!

In a world were healthcare has become “BIG Business” we are bombarded on a daily basis with ads from pharmaceutical companies promising relief or a “cure” for every malady known to man. Obesity, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, and colitis have become so commonplace that if you someone who is healthy, you are the exception.

We know real health is a process throughout your entire life. We are not static beings! Either you are functioning at a very healthy state or a not so healthy state, or somewhere in between. Essentially true health is about how well you function. No matter where you are ta, we will always encourage and support you. Your health goals matter, and your participation is necessary in order to get and stay healthy.

Providing Care for All Ages

Our team loves welcoming patients of all ages into our care. While our emphasis is on pediatric and family care, there’s a place for you here—after all, healthy kids and parents make healthy families! We want people of all ages to experience peak health that comes with a properly functioning nervous system. While eating cleaning and exercising are critical pieces of the wellness puzzle, having a healthy, functioning nervous system is essential if you want to enjoy optimal health.

If your child is dealing with ADD, ADHD, autism, Sensory processing disorder, colic, asthma, allergies, or ear infections, we are the practice for you. Unfortunately young parents today are dealing with these health issues more now than ever before. To us, there’s nothing more frustrating than to see that while the incidence of these problems has risen dramatically over the past 20 years, the best that conventional medicine has to offer is more harmful drugs and antibiotics.